About The Langie

The Langie comes from a long-standing trusted manufacturing relationship between Casey Kerrigan, a Harvard M.D. turned shoe manufacturer and her manufacturing partner in China, Charlie Tian, who happened to have bought a facemask factory several years ago.

Features of the Langie

Five-layer high-efficiency filtering of > 93% compared to typical three or four layers in other KN95s

Exceptional breathability that exceeds NIOSH’s standards with an inhalation resistance < 100 Pa at 85 L/min and an exhalation resistance < 100 Pa at 85 L/min

Ergonomic bi-fold 3D shape design accommodating variable face sizes and shapes to provide a better fit and seal compared to the traditional cup-shape design

A foam fitted nosepiece, not common to other KN95s, works in combination with a hidden moldable polyethylene-coated metal nosepiece to improve fit and comfort

Ultrasonic sealed elastic straps, hypoallergenic, latex-free


With the COVID-19 crisis, when N95 facemasks became a scarcity, the USA looked to KN95 facemasks designed not for for medical-use but rather for civilian-use in China, as an alternative. Whereas many KN95s are currently being manufactured in make-shift factories with questionable raw materials, experience, tooling, and equipment, the Langie KN95 comes from a facemask factory that was established prior to COVID. Even more unusual, the Langie is the only facemask made by a company that vertically manufactures its own the raw material, including the filter media, ensuring the highest quality .

Available in Quantities of 50,000 to 10,000,000

Langie Certifications

While both N95s and KN95s are predominantly made in China and have the same 95% filtration efficiency, N95s are authorized by the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) by NIOSH and KN95s are authorized by the Chinese CDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) with GB2626-2006 certification. The Langie KN95 is recognized as providing equivalent filtration efficiency as an N95 on the basis of not only its GB2626-2006 certification in China, but also its EN149-2001 CE certification in Europe. Random samples of Langie KN95s tested at NIOSH showed an average filtration efficiency of small particles of 97.2% (maximum 98.9% and minimum of 93.1%).